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ok, lets just bury this thing called krispy kreme and get on with QUALITY. Yes SIZE does matter. I hade my one and only bad experience with a donut at san francisco airport a few years ago. I bit into what I thought was a jelly donut and low and behold there was indeed a tiny little bit of jelly sticking out the side, my mouth started to water and when I took a bite my heart just sank like the titanic. There was nothing in there. I took it back to the girl at the counter and asked her for another one with jelley in it. She said this is how we make them. I asked her if she was in a joking mood that day and she got an attitude with me. I asked for my money back and explained this is NOT how to do buisness. Bring DUNKIN DONUTS back to california please. I am all for eating healthy but there are just times when you have got to have a JELLY DONUT so big that it only squirts out the side because there is no more room inside the donut to put any more jelly. Bring back QUALITY DUNKIN DONUTS and let me decide how to eat healthy on my own........


I totally agree with Carlo about the donut being below par. I have a major complaint with Krispy Kremes. They are only fresh for the first 12 hours or so then forget about them. They get stale so quickly that if you don't eat the whole dozen within hours you are out of luck. What a waste of money. I agree lets bring back Dunkin Donuts, now there was a good donut that stayed fresh with lots of filling.

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